Bahrain 2016: Everyone’s on the Regime’s Agenda

2017-01-04 - 2:32 p

Bahrain Mirror: The ruling Al Khalifa family in Bahrain does not want anyone to have their own agenda but rather wants everyone on its own special agenda- its agenda of monopoly over power along with all the chaos it brings. The authorities want everyone to also applaud this chaos and seizure of power. This is what led the island kingdom towards the unknown in 2016.

Since there was a component of Bahraini society that refused to surrender to this agenda, the Al Khalifa family invested every source of brutal power it had, attempting to break the will of this faction and make them submit to the king's rule. The ruling family voided the system of anything civil, expanding torture chambers and opening prison gates to new arrivals.

Courts in the gulf country had no mercy on dissent and worked against anyone who revolted and said "No". However, the series of events throughout the year prove that a major political component did not answer to these imperatives and remained steadfast in the face of fierce blows.

Bahrain Mirror has monitored the daily events linked to the ruling family and the opposition throughout 2016 so that they would be a reminder of the violent ways of the regime and peaceful activism of dissenters- a reminder of a scheme, on one hand, to take Bahrain back to what it was before 1923, and a project, on the other hand, aimed at making Bahrain a country for all.


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